GRANT ROUND UP 2/20/24-2/26/24

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DOD-AFOSR Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 Department of Defense Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research Initiative (MURI) FOAAFRLAFOSR20240003
DOD-AMC Department of Army:FY25 Department of Defense Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research Initiative (MURI) W911NF24S0006
DOD-ONR FY25 Department of Defense Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research Initiative (MURI) N0001424SF002
  Office of Naval Research (ONR) Global Research Opportunity: Global-X Challenge 2024 N0001424SBC06
DOD-USUHS Global Health Engagement Research Initiative (GHERI) FY2024 Call for White Papers HU000124CGHE0001
DOI-BIA Energy and Mineral Development Program (EMDP) BIA-EMDP-2024-01
DOI-FWS F25AS00006 - NAWCA 2025 Mexico Grants F25AS00006
  F24AS00241_Fiscal Year 2024_Tribal Wildlife Grant Program (TWG)_Funding Opportunity Announcement F24AS00241
DOL-ETA Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Funding Allotments and Operating Guidance for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) Grants ETA-RESEA-UIPL-08-24
  State Apprenticeship Expansion Formula FOA-ETA-24-03
  Apprenticeship Building America, Round 2 (ABA2) FOA-ETA-24-04
DOS DRL FY23 Syria Programs SFOP0010266
DOS-COD PRM Julia Taft for Refugees Fund DRC-TAFT-FY24-02
DOS-DRL DRLFY23 Bringing Sri Lanka’s Expression Laws in-line with International Standards SFOP0010225
  DRL Sri Lanka Transitional Justice SFOP0010265
  DRL Supporting Efforts to Promote Transitional Justice and Accountability and Advance Women's Leadership in Yemen SFOP0010260
  DRL Justice Sector Reform Oversight in Armenia SFOP0010256
DOS-GHA U.S. Embassy Accra Public Diplomacy Annual Program Statement: Request for Statements of Interest (RSOI) DOS-ACC-RSOI-2024-02
DOS-INL Support of Tajikistan Community Initiative Groups (CIG): Empowering Communities against Prescription Medication Abuse and Synthetic Substances Dangers INL24GR0037-TAJIKISTANCIG-02222024
DOS-LBR U.S. Embassy Monrovia PDS Annual Program Statement PAS-MON-FY24-01
DOS-MDA Democracy Commission Small Grants Program PDS-CHISINAU-FY24-03
DOS-RUS U.S. Embassy Moscow, Public Affairs Section FY 2024 Annual Program Statement (APS) DOSRUS-24-GR-001
DOS-TCD Ndjamena PDS-FY24-01 NDJAM-PDS-FY24-01
  U.S. Embassy N’Djamena Small Grants Program PDS-NDJAM-FY24-01
  U.S. Embassy N’Djamena Small Grants Program PDS-NDJAMENA-FY24-01
DOT-DOT X-50 Safe Streets and Roads for All Funding Opportunity DOT-SS4A-FY24-01
DOT-FHWA Fiscal Years 2022, 2023, and 2024 Prioritization Process Pilot Program 693JJ324NF00010
  FY22-FY24 Congestion Relief Program 693JJ324NF00009
DOT-FRA FY22 CRISI-Congressional Directed Grant Program - Spokane Airport FR-CCD-24-001
DOT-PHMSA FY 2024 Pipeline State One Call Grant 693JK324NF0005
  FY 2024 Pipeline Safety State Damage Prevention (SDP) Grants 693JK324NF0006
  FY 2024 Hazardous Materials State Inspection (HMSI) Grant 693JK324NF0001
  FY 2024 HMEP Planning and Training Grant for Tribes 693JK324NF0007
  FY 2024 Assistance for Local Emergency Response Training (ALERT) Grant 693JK324NF0010
  FY 2024 Hazardous Material Instructor Training (HMIT) Grant 693JK324NF0009
  FY 2024 Supplemental Public Sector Training Grant 693JK324NF0011
  FY 2024 Community Safety Grants (CSG) 693JK324NF0012
ED Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE): International Foreign Language Education (IFLE): Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad (FRA) Fellowship Program, Assistance Listing Number 84.019A ED-GRANTS-022324-001
  OSERS: OSEP: Preservice Improvement Enhancement Grants to Support Related Service Providers to Effectively Serve Children with Disabilities and Their Families, Assistance Listing Number 84.325S ED-GRANTS-022124-001
HHS-ACL Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (RERCs) Program: RERC on Technologies to Enhance Independence and Community Living Among People with Cognitive Disabilities HHS-2024-ACL-NIDILRR-REGE-0078
HHS-NIH11 Translational Neural Devices (R61/R33 - Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-24-151
  INCLUDE (INvestigation of Co-occurring conditions across the Lifespan to Understand Down syndromE) Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award (F99/K00 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) RFA-OD-24-007
  NIA MSTEM: Advancing Diversity in Aging Research (ADAR) through Undergraduate Education (R25 - Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PAR-24-135
  Long-Term Effects of Disasters on Healthcare Systems in Populations with Health Disparities (R01- Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-24-109
  Transformative Research on the Basic Mechanisms of Polysubstance use in Addiction (R01 - Clinical Trials Optional) RFA-DA-25-043
HHS-SAMHS-SAMHSA Prevention Technology Transfer Centers Cooperative Agreements SP-24-002
HUD FY 2023 Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program FR-6700-N-52
NASA-HQ ROSES 2024: A.47 Earth Action: Wildland Fires NNH24ZDA001N-WF
NSF Ideas Lab: Use-Inspired Acceleration of Protein Design 24-550
  Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Enriching Learning, Programs, and Student Experiences 24-551
  Next Era of Wireless and Spectrum 24-549
  Tribal Colleges and Universities Program Hub and Topical Interest Groups 24-548
  Ideas Lab: Breaking the Low Latency Barrier for Verticals in Next-G Wireless Networks 24-545
PAMS-SC FY 2024 Phase II Release 2 DE-FOA-0003279
  Research on General Plasma Science Collaborative Research Facilities DE-FOA-0003267
USDA-NIFA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Sustainable Agricultural Systems USDA-NIFA-AFRI-010653
USDA-NRCS Georgia NRCS Outreach and Education for Fiscal Year 2024 USDA-NRCS-GA-MULTI-24-NOFO0001348
  Tribal Conservation Grants (Wisconsin) USDA-NRCS-WI-MULTI-24-NOFO0001351
USDA-RBCS Rural Energy for America (REAP) Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Program RDBCP-2024-TAG-REAP
USDOJ-OJP-NIJ NIJ FY24 Research and Evaluation on School Safety O-NIJ-2024-171992
USDOJ-OJP-OVC OVC FY24 Integrated Services for Minor Victims of Human Trafficking O-OVC-2024-171987
  OVC FY24 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking O-OVC-2024-171988
  OVC FY24 Improving Outcomes for Child and Youth Victims of Human Trafficking O-OVC-2024-171985
USDOJ-OJP-OVW OVW Fiscal Year 2024 Sexual Assault Services Culturally Specific Program O-OVW-2024-171994
  OVW Fiscal Year 2024 Grants to Improve the Criminal Justice Response (ICJR) Program O-OVW-2024-171991
USDOT-LITC 2024 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Supplemental Grant TREAS-GRANTS-052024-002

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