GRANT ROUND UP 5/14/24-5/20/24

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DHS-DHS Fiscal Year 2024 Individual State Earthquake Assistance (ISEA) DHS-24-MT-082-02-99
DHS-OPO FY 2024 Citizenship and Integration Grant Program: Citizenship and Integration Training Academy DHS-24-CIS-010-005
DOD-AMC-ACCAPGE Request for Information (RFI): Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) Raman Systems W911SR24SDUVS
DOD-AMRAA DoD Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health, Focused Program Award HT942524TBIPHRPFPA
  DoD Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health, Health Services Research Award HT942524TBIPHRPHSRA
  DoD Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health, Translational Research Award HT942524TBIPHRPTRA
  DoD Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health, Clinical Trial Award HT942524STBIPH1
  DOD Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health, Emerging Topics Research Award HT942524TBIPHRPETRA
  DoD VRP, Focused Translational Team Science Award HT942524VRPFTTSA
  DoD VRP, Clinical Trial Award HT942524VRPCTA
  DoD VRP, Translational Research Award HT942524VRPTRA
  DoD VRP, Investigator-Initiated Research Award HT942524VRPIIRA
DOD-DTRA Biological Threat Reduction with Global Partners Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) HDTRA1-24-S-0002
DOE-NETL Notice of Intent (NOI) related to Critical Facility Energy Resilience (CiFER) DE-FOA-0003381
DOL-ETA Workforce Pathways for Youth - Rounds 4 and 5 FOA-ETA-24-07
DOS-BAH Advance Research Collaboration Through C-SIPA DOS-MANAMA-PD-2024-003
DOS-HRV U.S. Embassy Zagreb - Annual Program Statement HRV2024-APS001
DOS-INL Strengthening provincial anti-corruption establishments for enhanced anti-corruption case processing INL24GR0067-CASEPROCESSING-05152024
DOS-MDG U.S. Embassy in Madagascar and Comoros Public Diplomacy Annual Program Statement DOS-AFMDG-FY24-02
  U.S. Embassy in Madagascar and Comoros Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program DOS-AFMDG-FY24-01
DOS-OES Improving Operations and Reducing Mercury Use in Small-scale Gold Mining Processing DFOP0014397
  Mercury emissions monitoring from seawater flue gas desulfurization DFOP0014396
DOS-PHL U.S. Embassy Philippines PAS Annual Program Statement 24-PHL-APS
DOS-POL Fostering Civic Engagement, Democratic Participation, and Youth Leadership WAW-NOFO-FY24-06
DOS-SA Empowering Women to Use the Internet Safely Through Prevention of Tech Facilitated Gender Based Violence (TFGBV) DFOP0014384
DOS-VEN VAU PDS Annual Program Statement FY2024VE006
DOS-VNM U.S. Mission Vietnam PAS Annual Program Statement PAS-HAN-HCMC-FY24
DOT-FRA FY24 Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Grant Program for projects located on the Northeast Corridor FR-FSP-24-001
HHS-CDC-PHIC Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant – 2024 CDC-RFA-PW-24-2400 CDC-RFA-PW-24-2400
HHS-NIH11 NEI Research for Low Vision and Blindness Accessibility Tools (R61/R33 Clinical Trial Optional) RFA-EY-24-003
  Access and Manipulation of Brain Cell Subtypes Implicated in Aging and AD/ADRD (R61/R33 Clinical Trial Not allowed) RFA-AG-25-024
  Nutrition Obesity Research Centers Research Resource Center (RRC) (P2C- Clinical Trial Optional) RFA-DK-25-011
  Nutrition Obesity Research Centers (P30 Clinical Trial Optional) RFA-DK-25-007
HUD Community Development Block Grant Program for Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages FR-6800-N-23
NASA-HQ ROSES 2024: B.5 Living with a Star Science NNH24ZDA001N-LWS
  ROSES 2024: E.11 Consortium in Biological Sciences NNH24ZDA001N-CIBS
  ROSES 2024: B.22 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Heliophysics NNH24ZDA001N-AIAH
  ROSES 2024: F.19 Research Initiation Awards NNH24ZDA001N-RIA
NEH Media Projects 20240814-TD-TR
NSF Biodiversity on a Changing Planet 24-574
  EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement-Focused EPSCoR Collaborations Program (RII-FEC) 24-573
  Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE): Core Programs, Large Projects 24-572
USAID Locally Led Development Annual Program Statement (LLD-APS) 7200AA24APS000062024
USDA-FNS1 Team Nutrition Training Grants USDA-FNS-TNTG-2024
USDOJ-OJP-BJA BJA FY24 Invited to Apply- Administrative Funding Adjustment to BJA Previously Funded Awards 6 O-BJA-2024-172123
  BJA FY24 Second Chance Act Improving Reentry Education and Employment Outcomes O-BJA-2024-172135
  BJA FY24 Invited to Apply- Administrative Funding Adjustment to BJA Previously Funded Awards 5 O-BJA-2024-172124
USDOJ-OJP-OJJDP OJJDP FY23 Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Reallocation Program – Invited to Apply O-OJJDP-2023-172136
  OJJDP FY24 Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Demonstration Program: Implementing the Juvenile Facility Standards O-OJJDP-2024-172133

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