GRANT ROUND UP 5/28/24-6/3/24

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DHS-DHS Fiscal Year 2024 Flood Mitigation Assistance Swift Current DHS-24-MT-144-000-99
DOD-AMRAA DoD Lupus Research, Transformative Vision Award HT942524LRPTVA
  DoD Lupus Research, Idea Award HT942524LRPIA
  DoD Lupus Research, Impact Award HT942524LRPIPA
  DoD Lupus Research, Transformative Vision Development Award HT942524LRPTVDA
DOI-NPS FY2024 Historic Preservation Fund - Underrepresented Communities Grants P24AS00525
DOI-USGS1 2025 National Geological & Geophysical Data Preservation Program G25AS00009
DOS-CPV Valuing Female Domestic and Informal Work Through Capacity Building AFPRA-24-01
DOS-GAB Raise the profile of the consequences of environmental crime in Gabon LIBREVILLE-PE01-2024
  U.S. Embassy Libreville PDS Annual Program Statement EMB-PDS-LIBREVILLE-FY24-01
DOS-INL Freely Associated States Prosecutorial Development (FASPro) Project DFOP0014014
DOS-OES Leveraging Local Community Partnerships to Combat Nature Crimes DFOP0016550
DOS-PAK Anti-corruption project: Training and institution building OFOP0001394
DOS-PRY English Learning and Enhancement Activities Program Paraguayan Public Servants OFOP0001443
  Academy of Women Entrepreneurs program Paraguay 2024 OFOP0001439
DOT-FHWA Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Discretionary Grant Program ROUND 2 693JJ324NF00017
  Advanced Digital Construction Management Systems 693JJ324NF00022
DOT-FRA FY24 Newport News Transportation Center FR-CCD-23-007
ED Institute of Education Sciences (IES): National Center for Education Research (NCER): Education Research, Assistance Listing Number (ALN) 84.305A ED-GRANTS-052824-001
  Institute of Education Sciences (IES): National Center for Education Research (NCER): Statistical and Research Methodology, Assistance Listing Number (ALN) 84.305D ED-GRANTS-052824-002
  Institute of Education Sciences (IES): National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER): Special Education Research, Assistance Listing Number (ALN) 84.324A ED-GRANTS-052824-003
  Institute of Education Sciences (IES): National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER): Research Training Programs in Special Education, Assistance Listing Number (ALN) 84.324B ED-GRANTS-052824-004
  Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE): Fund for The Improvement of Postseconary Education (FIPSE): Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success, Assistance Listing Number (ALN) 84.116G ED-GRANTS-052824-005
HHS-FDA Minor Use Minor Species Development of Drugs (R01) PAR-24-216
HHS-HRSA New Access Points HRSA-25-085
  Service Area Competition HRSA-25-013
  Service Area Competition HRSA-25-012
HHS-NIH11 Functional Target Validation for Alzheimer's Disease-Related Dementias (R61/R33 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) RFA-NS-25-011
  Early-Stage Dissemination and Implementation Research in Communication Disorders (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) RFA-DC-24-008
HUD ROSS (Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency) Service Coordinator Program - FY2024 - NOFO FR-6800-N-05
  Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) Competitive Grant Program FR-6800-N-48
  Archival Projects ARCHIVAL-202411
NEH Dialogues on the Experience of War 20240905-AV
  Climate Smart Humanities Organizations 20240912-CLI
NSF NSF Small Business Innovation Research / Small Business Technology Transfer Phase I Programs 24-579
  NSF Small Business Innovation Research / Small Business Technology Transfer Phase II Programs 24-580
USDA-NIFA Tribal Colleges Research Grants Program USDA-NIFA-TCRGP-010673
USDA-NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants State Program Pennsylvania USDA-NRCS-PA-CIG-24-NOFO0001398
  NRCS Texas Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) USDA-NRCS-TX-CIG-24-NOFO0001397
  Wetland Mitigation Banking Program USDA-NRCS-NHQ-WMBP-24-NOFO0001315
  Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) for Federal fiscal year (FY) 2024 - South Carolina USDA-NRCS-SC-CIG-24-NOFO0001375
USDA-RHS Puerto Rico Rural Partners Network Rural Community Development Initiative USDA-RD-HCFP-PR-RPN-RCDI-2024
USDOJ-OJP-BJA BJA FY24 John R. Justice (JRJ) Formula Grant Program O-BJA-2024-172088
  BJA FY24 Integrated Treatment for Individuals with Co-occurring Disorders in the Criminal Justice System O-BJA-2024-172162
  BJA FY24 Byrne State Crisis Intervention Program Formula Solicitation O-BJA-2024-172156
USDOJ-OJP-COPS FY24 Safer Outcomes: Enhancing De-Escalation and Crisis Response Training for Law Enforcement – Support for Law Enforcement Agencies O-COPS-2024-172150
USDOJ-OJP-OVC OVC FY24 Meeting the Basic Needs of Underserved Crime Victims O-OVC-2024-172164
  OVC FY24 Technical Assistance for Emergency and Transitional Pet Shelter and Housing Assistance Grants - Invited to Apply O-OVC-2024-172143
USDOJ-OJP-OVW OVW Fiscal Year 2024 Special Tribal Criminal Jurisdiction: Targeted Support for Alaska Native Tribes Special Initiative (STCJ AK) Program O-OVW-2024-172091

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