Featured Grants 8/28/19

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 A lot of grants that opened this week were targeted at state governments, but there were also a few large funding programs in the areas of drug policy, funding for small business creation and healthcare delivery. We've highlighted a few below or you can review the entire list here

Department of Commerce
Grant Title: Office of Weather and Air Quality Research Programs
Grant Info: https://www.grants.gov/view-opportunity.html?oppId=319916
NOAA’s Office of Weather and Air Quality (OWAQ) is soliciting proposals for weather, air quality, and earth-system modeling research reflecting multiple science objectives spanning time scales from hours to seasons, and from weather and water observations and earth system modeling to social and behavioral science. There are three grant competitions within this announcement.

Office of National Drug Control Policy
Grant Title:  Combating Opioid Overdose through Community Level Intervention
Grant Info: https://www.grants.gov/view-opportunity.html?oppId=319914
Applications are being sought from public nonprofit institutions/organizations(includes institutions of higher education and hospitals) to conduct research that would entail implementing and evaluating community-based efforts to fight the opioid overdose epidemic; and support and promote the partnership of law enforcement and public health agencies,whose collaboration is critical to reducing overdose and other harms of opioid(mis)use.

National Science Foundation
Grant Title: Research in the Formation of Engineers
Grant Info: https://www.grants.gov/view-opportunity.html?oppId=319933
The goal of the Research in the Formation of Engineers (RFE) program is to advance our understanding of professional formation. It seeks both to deepen our fundamental understanding of the underlying processes and mechanisms that support professional formation and to demonstrate how professional formation is or can be accomplished.  


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