OUCH! A Sad Case of What NOT to Do...

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It is a challenge to share some stories gracefully, but it is worth noting that when things go awry, we can learn from the mistakes of others before we make our own. Unfortunately, we have a story to share with you from our region that drives home a point we make emphatically in all of our grant writing training: Budget Accuracy is Vitally Important!


At KFA, we have a fair amount of experience with infrastructure projects and we know overruns happen. But, this is more than a mere overrun. This is purely a budgeting error that stands to cost a community not only a half-million dollars in infrastructure investment, but important progress in making public spaces accessible for the entire community. We sincerely hope that both parties can find a way to resolve this unfortunate situation in a way that benefits the community.

Ginger Keller-Ferguson, MBA

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