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We normally provide grant and fundraising tips and insights every other week. We are due to share a blog post to provide such tips and insights this week. However, as every nonprofit and public-serving organization knows, times of national tragedy are not the time for business as usual.

Over the weekend, the United States suffered a gross spectacle and demonstration of hate. We unequivocally denounce this hate. We know that we and many of the organizations and individuals we serve are deeply affected by these events and work tirelessly every day to promote love, acceptance, diversity and equality.

In light of this, we are pre-empting this week’s grant and fundraising tips and insights to instead share a message that is important to us:

To every one of you who is a teacher of tolerance, thank you.

To every one of you who stands up for the under-represented and the disenfranchised, thank you.

To every one of you who fights the good fight to ensure a fair and equitable world today and for our children and grandchildren, and all who come after them, thank you.

To every one of you who spreads love and denounces hate, in all of its ugly and evil forms, thank you.

We stand with you. We unequivocally denounce hate. We unequivocally promote love, tolerance, acceptance, diversity, and equality, in all its beautiful forms. We are heartbroken and we are mourning with the multitudes who are grieving. We strive to make the world a better place. And we will continue to do so.

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