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Our loyal readers know that our weekly Grant Round Up is the best source for the latest federal grant opportunities without all of the extra clutter that comes in the daily notifications from However, we know there are some purists out there who still get the grant notices through the subscription service. If you are one of those folks, you received an email from them this week about some changes effective November 18th. If you rely on those notices instead of our streamlined version, we hope you read the email.

By the end of next week, you will need to register with if you want to keep receiving notices directly from them. But, there’s a catch. You will need to provide your DUNS number and SAM registration in order to register an account with If you don’t already have these registrations in place, you are likely to see an interruption in service, because it is highly unlikely that you can get these within a week.

To say that we are disappointed with the way these changes have been rolled out from would be a HUGE understatement. Ten days’ notice simply is not adequate. But it is what it is. We are prepared and will continue to send our weekly newsletter, making the latest federal grant opportunities available to you.

If you need more information about the changes coming to, read the full advisory here:


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