Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is crucial to your success, regardless of the life stage of your organization.

A strategic plan determines where your organization is headed, how it will get there and how it will know when it's arrived at its destination.

Think of it like GPS for your nonprofit.

If your organization doesn't have a strategic plan, it should. And if it's been years since you conducted strategic planning, you're due for a tune-up. 

Let our consultants lay the groundwork for your organizational direction, improving the likelihood that you'll achieve your goals. 

During the strategic planning process, we will:

  • Help your organization build a strategic planning team representative of your constituency groups,
  • Lead focus groups or create surveys to take the "pulse" of your village,
  • Facilitate a staff retreat, ensuring non-judgmental dialogue and mission-oriented discussions occur. 
  • Assist you in completing a SWOT analysis,
  • Develop or confirm mission and vision statements,
  • Set 3 to 5 goals and 3 to 5 objectives for each goal, 
  • Determine action items for each goal,
  • Identify performance measures to assess progress toward objectives,
  • Write a comprehensive strategic plan for your organization.

Our step-by-step process is a joint venture between our experts and your organization, leveraging your talents with our leadership experience.

Successful strategic planning starts with KFA Nonprofit Management Solutions. Let us help you create a strategic plan for your organization so you can prioritize tasks and stay focused on what's really important. 

What does it cost?
We offer strategic planning consulting at our standard hourly rate of $90 per hour. Typically, our role in your strategic planning process requires 40 hours of service. Contact us for a specific quote and to get started.