Grant Writing Services

KFA Nonprofit provides a full range of development services for non-profit, governmental and educational organizations.


KFA Nonprofit consulting services provide 360° development support, from defining critical actions based on strategic goals, through creating Logic Models for each key activity, to crafting a development plan collaboratively with the organization, which includes a comprehensive grant prospectus and, then, writing compelling proposals to identified funders to secure the funding needed to turn strategic goals into impactful reality.

Critical Actions and Logic Model Designs

We believe that staff buy-in is absolutely critical to fund-development success. To achieve buy-in, we begin by facilitating a staff retreat to review strategic goals and identify the critical action steps and resources required to achieve your organization’s objectives. In this on-site retreat, a Logic Model is drafted for each critical action including identifying corresponding goals, objectives, responsible parties and key partners, outcomes, outcome measures and related budget needs. These Logic Models serve as the roadmap for crafting a Development Plan, guide funding opportunity research, and provide the basis for grant proposal content.

Critical actions identified and Logic Models developed in the staff retreat are compiled into a concise working document provided to your organization.

Development Plan and Grant Prospectus

Once the full range of organizational needs are identified through the Logic Model design process, a comprehensive Development Plan is drafted including recommendations for: public relations and awareness-raising activities, direct mail, online and social media activity, telephone fundraising, special events, corporate sponsorship, major individual gifts, planned giving, and grants. The plan begins with an analysis of current development activities and includes recommendations, where applicable, for reinforcing the organization’s overall fundraising infrastructure, such as an assessment of gift policies and procedures and suggested technology tools for managing donor data.

In addition to the Development Plan, in-depth grant funding research is conducted. A complete Grant Prospectus is developed which includes both federal grant prospects and corporate and private foundation prospects.

Grant Writing Services

Based on your organization’s needs, KFA Nonprofit will provide complete grant proposal writing services. All proposals are based on Logic Models developed in collaboration with your organization’s staff members. Complete proposal drafts are provided to the organization prior to the submission deadline to allow for review and revision prior to submission. Your organization will always be in complete control of program design and proposal content so there are no surprises. All submissions will be made by your organization whether online or in hard-copy by postal service.

Grant writing services do not include program implementation, administration or reporting.

Optional Services

KFA Nonprofit provides a variety of optional communications support services upon request. Available communication support services include copywriting, design, and content management support for key communication tools:

  • Grant program reports – limited to proofreading and/or editing of program reports. Does not include program implementation or administration, data collection or entry, or initial drafting/compilation of required program reports.
  • Data collection tool development – creation of forms, databases and other tools necessary to collect data in accordance with grant program reporting requirements and stated evaluative strategies included in grant proposals.
  • Press Releases – draft press releases based on content provided by organization for organization to review and approve prior to dissemination.
  • Annual Report – write copy based on themes and data provided by the organization and consult with graphic designers or other contractors to facilitate final copy and print production.
  • Website – develop and draft content for search engine optimization, awareness and brand-building, and fundraising for organizational website.
  • Presentations – develop PowerPoint presentations and other materials to support effective communication by executive personnel based on themes and data provided by the organization.
  • Correspondence – draft letters and other correspondence, as needed, to support effective communication by executive personnel.
  • Other Print Media – develop copy for flyers, brochures and posters on an as-needed basis to support effective communications relative to the Development Plan.
  • Other Digital/Social Media – draft social media posts or advertising content, provide feedback on digital media analytics.

Additional Services

Printing, photography, technical illustration and document translation services are also available; these services are billed separately, based on cost, on a per project basis.


KFA Nonprofit adheres to the Professional Standards and Code of Ethics of both the American Association of Grant Professionals and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Services are not provided on contingency or commission.

Choose the contract that is right for you.

  • Hourly –$150 per hour (20 hours minimum)
  • Per project –$100 per hour (40 hours per project minimum)
  • Retainer –$90 per hour (minimum forty hours per month, minimum duration: 6 month contract)

Whether hourly, per project, or by retainer, you will receive an upfront estimate of the number of hours each assignment will require. Estimates are agreed upon prior to the commencement of any assignment and an authorization process is established for any additional hours required to complete the assignment to ensure that there are no surprises.

Expenses, such as travel, are billed to the client at cost with appropriate documentation. Additional services – bulk printing, photography, technical illustration and document translation – are available and are billed separately based on the unique requirements of the specific project.