eBook: Quick Start Guide to Communication Planning

What's Inside

Communication has never been more important, or complex, for nonprofits. With digital media changing at a rapid pace, many nonprofits are overwhelmed by communication planning and unsure how to implement effective campaigns.

Building authentic connections with the people most likely to support your organization is vital to your long-term success and having a plan for effectively communicating with stakeholders is key to making those connections. But where does a nonprofit start? Public relations? Paid advertising? Traditional media? Digital media? All of the above?

The Quick Start Guide to Communication Planning takes the guesswork out of all of these questions and more. The Guide covers everything from:

  • Identifying media outlets,
  • Prioritizing which outlets to use and how often,
  • Balancing paid and unpaid options,
  • Creating a detailed editorial calendar to keep everything on track,
  • Measuring the results of your communication efforts.

At less than 20 pages, this Guide is truly the quickest, simplest resource to help busy nonprofit professionals kick-start successful communications planning.