Grant Round Up: Week of 10/15/18 to 10/22/18

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DOC Department of Commerce National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS) Land Acquisition and Construction Program for Fiscal Year 2019 NOAA-NOS-OCM-2019-2005800
2019 Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program (REPP): Understanding Coral Ecosystem Connectivity in the Hawaiian Archipelago NOAA-NOS-NCCOS-2019-2005822
2019 Deep Coral Reef Ecosystem Studies Program: American Samoa NOAA-NOS-NCCOS-2019-2005821
2019 Pacific Northwest Bay-Watershed Education and Training NOAA-NOS-ONMS-2019-2005862
CZM Projects of Special Merit Competition - FY2019 NOAA-NOS-OCM-2019-2005819
DOD-DARPA-DSO DARPA - Defense Sciences Office Accelerated Molecular Discovery (AMD) HR001119S0003
DOD-DARPA-I2O DARPA - Information Innovation Office Machine Common Sense (MCS) HR001119S0005
DOD-ONR Office of Naval Research Electronic Warfare Technology N00014-19-R-S002
DOE-NETL National Energy Technology Laboratory Transformational Sensing Capabilities for Monitoring the Subsurface DE-FOA-0001998
DOI-FWS Fish and Wildlife Service Fish and Wildlife Coordination and Assistance F19AS00026
Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance F19AS00016
Archaeology and Anthropology Research Associate at the Desert National Wildlife Complex F19AS00019
2020 Partners for Fisheries Monitoring Program F19AS00022
R packages for enhancing the Geospatial Population Estimator (GSPE) of moose in Alaska. F19AS00018
DOS-GIN U.S. Mission to Guinea U.S. Embassy Conakry, Annual Program Statement: Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation DOS-CONAK-FY18-02
DOS-INL Bureau of International Narcotics-Law Enforcement Establishing a Family Justice Center in Moldova INL19GR0004-EAFAM-MOLDOVAN-10162018
Legal Socialization in Moldovan Schools INL19GR0003-EALEGAL-MOLDOVAN-10162018
EPA Environmental Protection Agency 2018 Targeted Airshed Grant Program EPA-OAR-OAQPS-18-08
HHS-HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) HRSA-19-003
Family-to-Family Health Information Centers – Montana HRSA-19-093
HHS-IHS Indian Health Service 2018 09 MSPI Puyallup change of Grantee HS-BH16I-18-001
HHS-NIH11 National Institutes of Health BRAIN Initiative: Research on the Ethical Implications of Advancements in Neurotechnology and Brain Science (R01 Clinical Trial Optional) RFA-MH-19-400
Administrative Supplements for Complementary Health Practitioner Research Experience (Admin Supp Clinical Trial Optional) PA-19-031
NIDDK Education Program Grants (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PAR-19-030
Lymphatics in Health and Disease in the Digestive System (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) RFA-DK-18-021
Innovation Corps (I-Corps) at NIH Program for NIH and CDC Translational Research (Admin Supp Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PA-19-029
Basic Neurodevelopmental Biology of Circuits and Behavior (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PAR-19-027
Basic Neurodevelopmental Biology of Brain Circuits and Behavior (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PAR-19-028
NSF National Science Foundation Geoinformatics 11-581
EMERGING FRONTIERS IN RESEARCH AND INNOVATION (EFRI): Chromatin and Epigenetic Engineering (CEE) and Continuum, Compliant, and Configurable Soft Robotics Engineering (C3 SoRo) 19-502
Gen-4 Engineering Research Centers 19-503
Algorithms for Threat Detection 19-504
Partnerships for Innovation 19-506
Scalable Parallelism in the Extreme 19-505
NSF Quantum Computing & Information Science Faculty Fellows 19-507
EHR Core Research 19-508
NSF/CASIS Collaboration on Tissue Engineering and Mechanobiology on the International Space Station (ISS) to Benefit Life on Earth 19-509
USAID Agency for International Development Reaching Pregnant Breastfeeding Women, Children, and Youth (RCAY)  7200AA18RFA00039
USAID-TAN Tanzania USAID-Dar es Salaam Women's Empowerment Activity 72062118RFA00004

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