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Computer Science for All is a newly released grant from the National Science Foundation which provides awards to support researcher-practitioner partnerships (RPPs) with the goal of building knowledge from research and development to support efforts that aim to provide opportunities for all students to participate in CS and CT formal STEM learning at the elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. The Department of Commerce is focusing on building capacity for environmental literacy through its newest grant. Head Start funding is now being offered at several locations around the county. 

National Science Foundation
Grant Title: Computer Science for All
Grant Info: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=300641
Details: This program aims to provide all U.S. students the opportunity to participate in computer science (CS) and computational thinking (CT) education in their schools at the preK-12 levels. With this solicitation, the National Science Foundation (NSF) focuses on researcher-practitioner partnerships (RPPs) that foster the research and development needed to bring CS and CT to all schools. Specifically, this solicitation aims to provide high school teachers with the preparation, professional development (PD) and ongoing support that they need to teach rigorous computer science courses; preK-8 teachers with the instructional materials and preparation they need to integrate CS and CT into their teaching; and schools and districts the resources needed to define and evaluate multi-grade pathways in CS and CT.

Department of Commerce
Grant Title: Building Capacity for Environmental Literacy
Grant Info: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=300543
Details: The purpose of this Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) is to build capacity for environmental literacy in support of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) mission goals through a cooperative agreement with a non-profit organization. In order to further the efforts of the external community that supports NOAA’s environmental literacy-related priorities, NOAA is seeking a partnership with a nonprofit organization with a mission of environmental education and/or conservation to work with NOAA to implement formal and informal education efforts, outreach, and professional development in support of environmental literacy. The successful applicant will be supported through a 5-year cooperative agreement with NOAA and should have significant experience supporting environmental literacy, as well as capacity to convene meetings and workshops, manage small-scale grants, and support program evaluation. Experience facilitating partnerships, developing education and outreach materials, and implementing educator professional development is also preferred. Specific activities will be determined collaboratively with NOAA and will further the efforts of the external community to build environmental literacy through informal and formal education. Projects will support NOAA's mission in the areas of ocean, coastal, Great Lakes, weather, and climate sciences and stewardship as defined by the goals of the NOAA Education Strategic Plan 2015-2035 (http://www.noaa.gov/office-education/noaa-education-council/strategic-planning-evaluation). NOAA's education website (http://www.noaa.gov/education) provides more information about NOAA education activities and existing partnerships. Projects must be implemented within the United States and its territories. Eligible applicants are nonprofit organizations. For-profit organizations, individuals, state, local and Indian tribal governments in the United States, foreign institutions, foreign organizations and foreign government agencies, and institutions of higher education are not eligible to apply, but may be project partners. Federal agencies are not eligible to receive federal assistance under this announcement, but may be non-funded project partners. NOAA anticipates the availability of approximately $200,000 to $1,000,000 for each year over the five year period of FY 2018 to FY 2023 for this award, not to exceed a total award of $5,000,000 for all years. NOAA anticipates making one award in the form of a multi-year cooperative agreement in FY 2018 by July 31, 2018 with a start date no earlier than August 1, 2018. Note: Links to helpful information for applying to this opportunity are available at www.noaa.gov/office-education/2018-coop.

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