Featured Grants 11/21/18

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When you see a grant titled "Dynamically and Controllably Reconfigurable Antennas through Physical Deformation Process," you're not going to waste a second til you read the entire funding announcement in detail, right?

Well, maybe it's just us. Turns out, if you're not an antenna aficionado or a company that designs and manufactures reconfigurable, multifunctional antennas, you probably won't be interested in this Air Force Office of Scientific Research grant. But if you want to read it, click here to find it as well as the entire list of grant opportunities that opened this week. 

You'll find lot of opportunities for research into

  • Alzheimer's disease,
  • HIV,
  • CubeSat constellations,
  • the radio spectrums and
  • oral biodevices.

This round of funding opportunities also includes grants under the RESTORE Act which provides funding for Gulf Coast communities impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

Here are three highlights from this week's funding announcements. 

Administration for Community Living
Grant Title: Small Business Innovation Research Program
Grant Info: https://www.grants.gov/view-opportunity.html?oppId=310217
The program is intended to stimulate technological innovation in the private sector, strengthen the role of small business in meeting federal research or research and development (R/R&D) needs, and improve the return on investment from federally-funded research for economic and social benefits. This specific program funds R/R&D products generated by small businesses that improve the lives of people living with disabilities and increases the commercial application of NIDILRR-supported research results and development products.

Health Resources and Services Administration
Grant Title: Rural Veterans Health Access Program
Grant Info: https://www.grants.gov/view-opportunity.html?oppId=307886
This cooperative agreement provides funding to states to improve access to health care services and to improve the coordination of care for veterans living in rural areas. Award recipients can implement a variety of strategies to improve the capacity of critical access hospitals (CAHs) and other rural health care organizations to provide services that meet the needs of veterans living in rural areas.  Award recipients can also assist providers in making connections to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) system to coordinate care for rural veterans using community health care providers as well as the VA system.

National Science Foundation
Grant Title: CNH2: Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems
Grant Info: https://www.grants.gov/view-opportunity.html?oppId=310368
The CNH2 Program supports research projects that advance basic scientific understanding of integrated socio-environmental systems and the complex interactions within and among the environmental (biological, physical and chemical) and human ("socio") (economic, social, political, or behavioral) components of such a system. The program seeks proposals that emphasize the truly integrated nature of a socio-environmental system versus two discrete systems (a natural one and a human one) that are coupled. CNH2 projects must explore a connected and integrated socio-environmental system that includes explicit analysis of the processes and dynamics between the environmental and human components of the system. 


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