Well, This was Awkward!

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Ah, The Awkward! As nonprofit management consultants, sometimes, we feel confident, self-assured, and downright professional. And, sometimes we don’t. Read on for a cringe worthy blooper from our founder, Ginger.


It isn't uncommon when we’re working with the board members of a nonprofit to need to gently prod progress along. Board members tend to be very busy professionals and their day job usually takes precedence over their volunteerism. As a busy entrepreneur myself, I always try to be understanding and make a point of complimenting them on the success in their careers that is demanding of their attention as I encourage them to focus on whatever task I need for them to accomplish. I like to think I am fairly adept at this...


Then I find myself on the phone, late on a Friday afternoon, at the end of an exhausting week, having just left a 3 and a half hour meeting that left my head spinning (not exactly on my A game), talking to a funeral director. NONE of my go-to compliments fit- "I'm so glad business is booming for you!" "Isn't busy a wonderful problem to have!" "I'm so impressed by how much business you generate!" ... I went through my entire mental list. I had nothing.


I like to think we all have these moments. Share yours in the comments below so we can all feel a little better about our cringe-worthy moments and we may feature it in a future series of bloopers and goofs. (We promise not to publish personal details without permission.) And, if you have a good response for the exchange above, SHARE IT!


Ginger Keller-Ferguson, MBA

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  • It must be so gratifying to work with people when they really need your comfort and support.

    Kathryn on

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