Technology Woes? Look to Techsoup for Answers

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Written by Jamie Cyphers

Technology poses a huge challenge for nonprofits of all sizes: how to obtain it, how to implement it, and how to leverage it to support the organization’s mission.

The need for technology resources became glaringly obvious when the pandemic hit forcing many profits to pivot their fundraising approach and their workforce. 

But how do nonprofits address this challenge? Where can they look for guidance when it comes to using technology to operate at their full potential?  

The answer to both those questions is Techsoup. Their mission is “to build a dynamic bridge that leverages technology to enable connections and innovative solutions for a more equitable planet.” 

What does that mean, exactly? In short, Techsoup connects vetted nonprofits with the technology resources and knowledge so they can do more, better. 

What is Techsoup?

Techsoup is a founding member and leader of Techsoup Global Network. Currently, Techsoup Global Network connects services and programs that benefit over a million non-governmental organizations in 236 countries and territories. This amazing feat was accomplished by a once small nonprofit who recognized a need, leveraged their talent, recruited volunteers, and solicited donations. Sounds familiar, right?

Considered one of the “largest technology product philanthropy programs in the world,” Techsoup’s catalog includes more than 300 products from 100 companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, and Intuit. Much of those products are provided free of charge or deeply discounted to vetted nonprofits. 

Besides discounts and donations, Techsoup also provides services like “emergency tech support to strategic planning to fully managed IT services.” You  can also access free content on relevant tech topics on their website.

How Can Techsoup Help Your Nonprofit?

Now that you’ve gotten a general idea of what Techsoup is, let’s get more specific. How do those resources connect to your organization’s daily efforts and what can they do to help you improve your internal processes? We've highlighted some popular Techsoup services and tools available to nonprofits and libraries. 

Product Catalog

Does your organization lack the tech tools needed to #domorebetter? Use the filter feature of Techsoup’s product catalog to locate hardware, software, and services to support your organization's efforts to stay up-to-date and operating at maximum efficiency.

Choose from a wide variety of products and services provided by industry leaders like Dell, Lenova, HP, Zoom, Adobe, and Microsoft, to help with digital fundraising, event planning and scheduling, employee training, website development, data collection and storage, and much more.


One of the biggest technology challenges for nonprofits is strategic planning and sustainability. Does your organization know what it needs and how to implement it? Will your infrastructure support your technology needs now and in the future?

Techsoup addresses those concerns with customized solutions like urgent help desk support to long-term technology planning. Subscribers can access Techsoup courses on a wide range of topics designed specifically to support nonprofit needs and can connect with a network of verified, trusted consulting firms who have experience helping nonprofits with technology, fundraising, and marketing.


Techsoup’s Community Home can help expand your organization’s network by connecting you with resources and peers who are willing to share their insight and experiences. Members can engage with other nonprofit professionals in community forums and through Techsoup’s social media channels, attend events and webinars, and locate resources for specific needs, such as food security or domestic violence, in the Community Focus Areas.


Techsoup also provides up-to-date articles, how-tos, and blog posts created by industry partners on a wide array of relevant topics, including accounting, databases and analytics, fundraising, and training and education, to name just a few. You can also visit the Community Events and Webinars Archive to review sessions you were unable to attend or would like to review. 

How to sign up for TechSoup

To take advantage of Techsoup offers, sign up and check your organization’s eligibility. You'll complete a short questionnaire. Based on your organization's status, location, mission, and operating budget, Techsoup will determine your eligibility. 

Once you're registered, the sky's the limit. Visit Techsoup and check your eligibility today to find the resources and guidance you need to do more, better.

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