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Fundraising isn’t limited to grants. When it comes to raising money, nonprofits have myriad ways to do more, better.

No matter the size or scope of your organization, fundraising is an essential component of your development plan. But what does effective fundraising entail? And how can you create a development plan that leaves no stone unturned?

Learn from one of the best. Alex Comfort, president of Mountain Non-Profit Solutions, is a seasoned fundraiser who has helped multiple charitable organizations up their fundraising game. His newest personalized course focuses on five types of fundraising:

  • Annual fund
  • Major gifts
  • Endowment
  • Planned giving
  • Earned income

Each 90-minute virtual session covers a specific type and are spaced a week apart. At the end of the sessions, Comfort will help students map out a two-year plan and remains available for coaching by phone for two months.

The tailored program condenses a longer version of the course into a more directed and specific training series, centering on the participant’s needs and the agency’s situation.  Each session will cover:

  1. How to be a successful fundraising professional.
  2. Annual giving, special events, and targeted general appeals.
  3. Major gifts, grants, corporations, foundations and capital campaigns.
  4. Planned giving appropriate to agency size.
  5. Endowment giving, earned income strategies.

Students receive the entire scope of the fundraising process along with the skills needed to succeed. The process includes a suggested two-year plan for fundraising and a tremendous amount of consulting in the process.

Following the completion of the series, Comfort is available for consultation at no additional charge for two months to help direct the participant’s real-life application of principles learned during the course. If major help is required, he consults at a 20% discount.

Sessions are held on Zoom or Google Meets at a pace that works for the student, generally one session per week. Participants are asked to initiate the presentations in order to own them for the future. (Comfort will initiate if desired). Although the agency will own the series, it will not be allowed to share it with other agencies without approval.

The cost of the whole program is $800. While this is a challenge for some organizations, current participants note the value of the course.  Additional staff members can join the sessions at a reduced cost.

Please contact Comfort with questions at (828) 691-6135 or alex@mn-ps.com. References are available. Learn more about Comfort’s credentials at www.mn-ps.com.  


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