Happy Holidays from The Best Team on Earth!

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If we seem a bit irreverent this holiday season, it’s because we’ve had a massive pile of deadlines in mid-December and another pile coming up in early January and humor is our go-to when things get to be a bit much. Contrary to common belief, we do try to take a little time off this time of year. So, we won’t be sending the Grant Round Up next week, but we’ll be back on January 3rd with two weeks of grant opportunities to greet the New Year.

In continuing with our spirit of levity, we present The Twelve Days to Deadline…

On the twelfth day to deadline, a grant writer will need…
Twelve Pilot G2s
Eleven pads of Post-its
Ten yellow highlighters
Nine Sign Here stickers
Eight legal pads
Seven 3-ring binders
Six responsive project partners
Four monitors
Three persuaded peer reviewers
Two pairs of readers
And, Coffee in an IV

In all seriousness, we thank you for welcoming us into your inbox every week and wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!

The KFA Team

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