LIVE WORKSHOP: Grant Funding - Making Grant Writing Work for Your Organization

“Grant Funding: Making Grant Writing Work for Your Organization"

LIVE Two-day workshop March 14th & 15th

ETSU Innovation Laboratory

Johnson City, Tennessee

9 am - 4 pm

Session 1: Welcome to the Grant World

Learn the things you need to do to make your organization Grant Ready and get an overview of the grant-funding process.

Session 2: Getting Started Picking Projects & Building a Team,

Identify viable projects that support your organization’s mission and better understand the various roles of the grant-writing team members.

Session 3: Logic Model Planning

Learn how to construct a Logic Model quickly and easily. The Logic Model planning tool helps your organize project components in a concise framework, giving you a viable launching pad for your grant proposals.

Session 4: Finding Funding

Identify the best sources for grant opportunities and deep dive into the two best sites for federal and foundation grant opportunities.

Session 5: Translating the Logic Model into a Grant Proposal

Transform your logic model into a winning grant proposal. This step-by-step guide shows you how to turn a logic model into the major sections of a grant proposal: project abstract/synopsis, project narrative, project budget and appendices.

Session 6: Strategies for Writing a Compelling Narrative

Learn my easy formula for writing a compelling, persuasive grant proposal narrative. This session goes to the heart of what makes my system not only efficient, but also highly effective.

Session 7: Post Award Considerations

Find out what you need to do after you’ve been awarded funding. This ensures your funding efforts are a continuous process, leading to sustainability and long-term success.

You’ll also get:

  • The Practical Grant-Ready Checklist
  • A Logic Model template
  • And, a standard Proposal Outline

“Grant Funding: Making Grant Writing Work for Your Organization" is packed with everything you need to be a winning grant writer. This workshop is based on the system we use every day to win grants for clients. We believe so strongly in this training, we use it to train all of our employees.

    This workshop will feature a special Q&A session at the end for 21st Century Community Learning Center applicants. Don't miss it!